Tyche Industries places utmost importance on quality and remains fully focused on manufacturing the quality products at a fair value that meets customers' expectations. At every step, from procurement of raw materials to packing and final shipment of the finished products, quality tests are performed. Quality control inspectors conduct quality checks at regular intervals to ensure total quality management.

The QC Department undertakes Impurity Profiling, Chiral Analysis, Residual Solvents determination and the following tasks:
  • Control and Assurance of Quality of Raw materials through Intermediate to Final Product.
  • Development and Validation of Analytical Methods.
  • Control Samples maintenance.
  • Accelerated and long term Stability Studies

At Tyche Industries, every employee is quality-driven and committed to the pursuit of disere quality Requirement

Quality Assurance

QA Department Undertakes the followinf tasks

  • Adequate Documentation and archiving facility to ensure System Capability and Traceability respectively.
  • Periodic training Programmes